How bariatric surgery affects women in childbirth

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35403202-women-in-childbirthInfluence of Weight loss surgery childbirth

Bariatric surgery affects the body and mind of who undergoes such an operation. In the case of women of childbearing age there is an extra plus, the time of delivery. It is therefore interesting to know how this surgery influence at the time of birth.

Those who undergo weight-loss surgery suffer physical, mental, emotional and organizational changes. In the latter case women could suffer an extra consequence, at least so says a study conducted at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and published in BMJ.

How bariatric surgery affects women in childbirth?

According to this research, women who have lost weight with the help of bariatric surgery are at increased risk for premature births and babies with low weight as compared to gestational age. Even it is considering that women with a history of bariatric surgery should be considered as a risk group during pregnancy.

Those who suffer from obesity can reduce life between two to four years, while those with a BMI greater than 40 this figure can rise to 10 years.

To control this disease and its consequences have developed surgical techniques to lose weight more effectively and maintained long-term results.

Despite all the benefits presented bariatric surgery, this technique may cause some unwanted as observed by this group of researchers from Sweden effects.

What good is knowing this information?

For women who have undergone bariatric surgery are controlled and monitored especially at the time of delivery. Thus risks for both the mother and the newborn are reduced.

This new research opens up other questions, not only to deepen the studies but to take preventive measures if these results are confirmed.

Obesity is a disease that can also affect the health of the unborn baby. There are many negative consequences that occur both on the mother and on him, so in these cases it is also necessary to take all preventive measures to protect the health of the mother and newborn.

If you’re about to undergo bariatric surgery, remember to perform all relevant consultations to be more informed and quiet. However, if you have already undergone bariatric surgery you are pregnant and want to consult your doctor about this information so that you can live a birth with joy and free from fear.

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