How to remove cellulite reducing massage?

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22553197-terapeuta-haciendo-masaje-contra-la-celulitis-para-mejorar-la-condici-n-de-la-pielCan they be carried out in areas with cellulite reducing massage?

Conducting reducing massage on areas with cellulite able to improve the blood supply, lymphatic and venous drainage.
These massages also increase blood circulation and desinflaman adipose tissues.

Recommendations to prevent and combat cellulite
Several types of reducing massage, but there are two types which are especially popular: the you can do yourself at home, with the help of a reducing cream, and lymphatic massages, which must be done by a professional. Find out in this article what constitutes each.

Procedure for reducing cream massage

banner2The objective of reducing massage is to improve the circulation reducing cellulite and localized fat burning. That is, with such reducing massage centimeters manage to not only reduce but also eliminate the orange peel.

Clean the area to massage
Place a exfoliating cream to remove all kinds of impurities
Make circular movements in the direction of clockwise
Clean the affected area again
Place a reducing cream
Massage with pinching, for 25 to 30 minutes
Optionally placed a bandage on the affected area with a thermal gel in order to burn fat
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What are the lymphatic massage against cellulite?

Lymphatic massage technique based lymphatic drainage, are made by hand, and through the use of special oils. Its aim is to stimulate lymph circulation and eliminating toxins from the body. These massages are applied to the affected, with slow and progressive movements, ranging from top to bottom area.

The effect you get is extremely beneficial because you will improve not only your appearance but also your immune and nervous system. The massage session is approximately 30 minutes.

This is an alternative which, together with the other recommendations, will help you feel better inside and out. Remember when in doubt you should consult your doctor.

Causes the appearance of cellulite

You can have a few extra kilos or be on your weight, but there is something that always affects mainly women: cellulite.

Many are the factors that cause the appearance of cellulite:

Genetic factor
Poor circulation
Edema due to fluid retention
Sedentary life
All these causes can be given separately or for complementing the appearance of cellulite form.

Recommendations to prevent and combat cellulite


Make physical exercises daily to strengthen different muscle groups.
Increase your fiber intake.
Take two liters of water daily.
Avoid fried foods and chocolates.
Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Make a low calorie diet if you are overweight.
Tap into your doctor to make sure you do not suffer from any circulatory problem.
Make massage to reduce cellulite, within different techniques to counter this condition, I can mention the lymphatic massage against cellulite.

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