The brain could be programmed to burn fat

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It is still unknown how to get it

A study in the American Unversity of Monash determined that the messages sent to the brain two substances made by the body (leptin and insulin) itself, would indicate to mind the reserves and help activate brown fat to start burning lipids. Read the note and find out more about this breakthrough.

That the brain plays a key role in everything that has to do with being overweight or thinning, there is the slightest of doubts. He thinks there anxiety states and a willingness to not commit excesses are generated. Some more, some less, everything goes through this key body. And research published in Cell and conducted at the University of Monash (USA) has just discovered something that can be very important for understanding how the brain processes the subject of fats in the body.

7816695-cerebro-modelo-xray-mirar-aislado-sobre-fondo-negroIt is that researchers of this university found that two substances generated by the body which will send signals to the brain about how stocks are white fat, which usually accumulates in the abdominal area and the rest of the body, and that is what it costs to lose weight. These are insulin and leptin. The first one, tells the brain when you’re eating, given its increase. The second, notifies the amount of fat reserves. The more leptin, more accumulated fats.

That is why researchers are hopeful this issue. In fact, Tony Tiganis, one of the project managers, said that “these hormones give the brain a comprehensive picture of body fatness. Because leptin is produced by fat cells and measure the existing level of reserve lipids. While insulin provides a measure of future fats, because it increases the glucose level when eaten “.


Also, the same professor said that “possibly, we thought we may be able to help people lose weight pointing to those two above. Convert white fat into brown fat is an interesting challenge to develop agents for weight loss. “

This still seems to be quite far and is just wishful thinking. Mechanisms that can get to lend a hand in the face of activating brown fat, which contribute significantly to ineffective burn body fat, white fat as yet unknown. The road is long, but this seems to be an interesting time for the brain to process this information achieving step.

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