The sun helps you to lose weight

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39082089-mujer-sola-viendo-la-puesta-de-sol-solo-en-invierno-en-la-playa-al-atardecerProperties of Vitamin D to Lose Weight

According to some scientific research done so far, it is known that if you have vitamin D deficiency, you are more likely to suffer from diseases associated with the Metabolic Syndrome, including obesity. Therefore, it has been continued with new studies to establish what role have the properties of said vitamin to lose weight. For this reason, do not miss this note and you will know if the sun helps you to lose weight.

Certain scientific studies are deepening the health vitamin D properties. Notwithstanding these benefits, further research is under way on the relationship between the lack of this vitamin and weight gain.

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Taking into account the results obtained in this research, 63% (57 of 90) of the women studied who had vitamin D deficiency were, on average, 7 kilos heavier.

Another important fact that emerges from this study is that, people with dark skin (with more melanin) limit the passage of ultraviolet rays, and therefore reduces the synthesis of vitamin D. In this way This group, as a risk group to take into account.

Although there are foods that contain vitamin D in natural form, the sun is the most important natural source for the body to make such a fat-soluble vitamin. Therefore, to avoid being overweight associated with vitamin deficiency, it is important that you know that the sun helps you to lose weight. However, remember to expose yourself to the sun but taking precautions to avoid adverse effects thereof. You should take into account the schedule and the appropriate sun protection according to your skin type, even in the fall and winter months.

While the importance of vitamin D for heart health was already known; The results of this study are very interesting because they establish a new organic cause that is directly related to overweight and obesity.

It is important to keep in mind that there are special tests that indicate the concentration of vitamin D in the blood, so if you make all your efforts and you can not lose weight, you need to go to the doctor to investigate this possible cause, take the necessary precautions and Establish the best treatment.

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