What for body radiofrequency

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Benefits and contraindications of aesthetic treatment with radiofrequency

You may have noticed that the aesthetic consequences of overweight, do not end when adelgazas. On the contrary, it is precisely at that time, when come to light cellulite, stretch marks, sagging and all the imperfections of your skin that you would want to disappear forever. Can radio help the body combat? Find out in this article, the advantages and disadvantages of this revolutionary beauty treatment.

Yes, it is as daunting as inevitable! Many more kilos have thinned, unless you like the image that you return the mirror. It is that far from looking better, your skin will show the transformation undergone merciless, with its heartbreaking language.

14285822-textura-de-la-piel-humana-mujer-con-gota-de-aguaCellulite, stretch marks and sagging tell the world where previously there was fat, now nothing remains. You can change your whole wardrobe for your new size suits, in the twinkling of an eye; however, you can not adjust your skin to your new measures, so easily.

In this situation, you only have a couple of alternatives:

Resign yourself to look like this, with the aftermath of stretch marks, cellulite and sagging skin registered.
Back to fatten, to the conviction that so your skin will look like in the past tense.
Seek alternative treatments to improve your skin and your injuries.
In principle, the radio is presented as a valid reason to fight with varying degrees of success, all these evils option. Even through domestic radiofrequency machines you can easily be used in the comfort of your home. However, you should know to what extent can solve your problems.

What is basically the application of radiofrequency?

To lose belly. Indeed, radiofrequency also acts on the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Hence not only will help you to eliminate your belly flab, but also to mobilize fat stores because it stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage. However, it is not effective in deposits too large. In this case, you will need to resort to liposuction.

To eliminate cellulite. No doubt this is your favorite application. Is that among the effects of radiofrequency stimulation highlighted in collagen formation. Thus, it is understood that this technique it extremely effective in restoring the skin and fill the wells typical orange peel. Moreover, clusters of cellulite own fat is removed and eliminated, by increasing blood and lymph circulation.
To remove stretch marks. Stretch marks are neither more nor less than skin scarring. All effects of radiofrequency at skin level, they work for reconstitution. For this reason, even the white or old stretch marks, rebels to other types of treatment recoil body radiofrequency.
To reduce sagging. Finally, it is no less important what radio can do against sagging skin. Applied localized, even household appliances, can give you amazing results in a few weeks, if you are consistent.

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