You can apply radiofrequency breasts and arms?

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Radiofrequency treatment for sagging breasts and arms

Radiofrequency for flaccidity
I have 55 years and wanted to know if flabby breasts can deliver radiofrequency and get improved and whether it can also apply sagging skin under the armpit, no matter whether axillary lymph node area?

Hello Sofia: Moms suffer over time a number of changes, especially during pregnancy and lactation. In addition to fulfilling a biological function, breasts have an aesthetic attribute, so it is important for women to look good, beautiful, with firm breasts without sagging.

Why breasts can be put flabby?

29989821-mujer-comprobar-su-grasa-del-brazoUndoubtedly, the increase in size during pregnancy and lactation, plus his posterrior retraction. once completed breastfeeding, is a major cause of sagging breasts. However, it is not alone.
The skin aging, affecting the sinuses, as well as to other parts of the body can also cause sagging. The overlying skin tissue loses elasticity and tone; therefore, the breasts look increasingly flabby, as the years pass.
Successive increases and loss of weight. Changes in breast volume, either as a result of hormonal changes that normally occur during the month or fat and lose weight, make the skin to distend excessively. When retracted, it is likely that some degree of sagging appears. Especially when it is repeated over time.
Inadequate support. If your breasts are bulky it is very important to choose the bra, so that the weight that the skin has to endure not so excessive. Thus, you avoid another cause that can cause its sagging.
Among the different types of treatments available to remove sagging breasts, radiofrequency is an alternative to consider.

Effects of radiofrequency application in the breasts

It affects all levels of the breasts.
Hydrates and nourishes the skin.
Prevents loosening of the skin envelope after pregnancy or obesity.
Allows better prenetración creams or products coadyudan treatment.
Models the volume of the mammary gland.

It stimulates local circulation.
It stimulates muscles.
Radiofrequency is achieved generally firming the breasts from 0.5 cm to 3 cm.
The radio is made on the skin and muscles. There are machines that allow your home radiofrequency application.

However, treatment with radiofrequency can also be done in specialized institutes. In this case, it consists of 10 to 15 sessions in total, which must be distributed in an amount of 2 or 3 sessions per week.

Anyway, this type of radio frequency can only be done by qualified personnel who have the necessary care not to affect nodal areas, such as the armpits.

I hope I’ve been helpful.
A greeting.

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