10 hobbies that can help you lose weight

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46688375-squash1 Dancing:

Dancing is not only fun, it can also help us get rid of stress while we burn a lot of calories.

Although the number of calories we burn will depend largely on the type of dance you choose, is not the same choice Latino dances ballroom dancing, but overall, dancing 3 times a week notice great results.

A good idea may be to sign a salsa school, so you will meet other “salsa” with your same hobby, and most of them have their dance far beyond their salsa classes in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or where they live, are willing meet other salsa to go dancing wherever they are and even organize “salsa trips.”

2 Squash:

Cold or rain are not an excuse for this sport now comes the bad weather.

Squash is a racquet sport that is practiced indoors and will do “sweat blood” for its intensity.

On average this sport will burn about 17 calories per minute, so get yourself a partner and releases endorphins butt squash.

3 Jump on a trampoline

Do you wonder that this could be a hobby ?, because it must be because you’ve never jumped in because it is super fun and helps you burn a lot of calories, about 400 calories in an hour.

It is also a perfect activity to improve your aerobic endurance.

4 Boxing

With boxing not only free up adrenaline-based punches you can also burn a lot of calories.

In just 30 minutes you can get to burn more than 300 calories and also get a stronger and more resilient muscles.


5 Basketball.

Play a game of basketball with friends in addition to being very funny also helps improve your flexibility, agility and lets you burn a lot of calories.

Also, if you play basketball with friends laughter are almost assured.

6 Hula-hoop:

Think about hula-hoop is to think of childhood, but if when you were little were enjoying dancing the hoop … why stop?

Having the hobby of dancing the hula-hoop addition to being a very complete for the abdominal exercise also involves working legs and buttocks and helps us achieve a more flexible back, but also this exercise also involves many psychological benefits, so … hit the hula-hoop !.

7 Climbing:

Whether you go out to climb a mountain or you do on a climbing wall, climbing helps you get a stronger, resilient and flexible body and it is perfect to clear your mind.

8 Hiking:

Can you think of a better way to get rid of daily stress you out to enjoy the mountains and ecological roads ?.

When we went out to enjoy the trails and mountains in addition to cardiovascular exercise also we improved our muscles, especially legs.

When we descend mainly work the quadriceps, while the amount used especially hamstrings and buttocks.

9 Ice skating:

Perhaps this is the most difficult to perform because unfortunately not all cities are available rinks to skate option.

But undoubtedly the ice skating is one of the best activities you can do to lose weight and have fun.

10 Ski:

Skiing is increasingly fans and if you’re one of them’re in luck because you are about to start the ski season :)

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