10 tips for healthy eating and light

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38570072-vegetablesTips for good eating habits

Dieting does not have to be synonymous with not eating right or not eat. Quite the opposite dieting is a good time to acquire new eating habits, learn to eat tasty, light and healthy. Do not miss these 10 tricks and! There are many ways to lose weight and the best of them is to lose weight in a balanced way, learning to choose foods that are healthy, light and low in fat.

There are many ways to lose weight and the best of them is to lose weight in a balanced way, learning to choose foods that are healthy, light and low in fat.

10 tips for healthy eating and light

Covers half of your plate with vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits have nutrients that help not only lose weight, because they are satiating, depurantes and low in calories, but promoting health.

Adds lean foods rich in protein. Within this group of foods you can find fish, chicken breast and turkey, as well as foods with vegetables, such as peas or beans, soybeans and soy products like tofu proteins.
It includes whole grains or whole. It is important that if you’re a diet you replace refined grains with whole grains or whole. These foods are rich in fiber, antioxidants and healthy fats.

Dairy foods consumed daily. The low-fat or low-fat dairy are useful for weight loss, because of its high calcium content and, in many cases satiating (in the case of cheese).

Reduce the fat content. How ?, reducing the consumption of commercial sauces and butters. Replace these preparations by homemade sauces light, noncaloric condiments like lemon or apple cider vinegar and oil.

Choose lots to eat. This found that the size of the dishes you use determine the amount of food you eat, so choose small plates for portion control.

Conducts a conscious power. Be aware when eating means you take a few minutes to think about what to eat and how to prepare your meals to make them more healthy and less calories and fat. For example replaces fried foods for baked preparations without oil or grilled foods.

It includes more foods to your diet. There are many foods that are healthy, light and tasty and usually not consumed, such as fruits such as mango, kiwi or papaya; vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, lentils, chickpeas, etc.
Add sweet foods to your diet. No need to eat foods rich in sugars and fats to your diet to eat something tasty and sweet. You can prepare light desserts or eat fruits with really sweet and you remove the urge to eat something sweet.

Eat slowly. Eating slowly is very important to eat healthy, and if you eat light food can taste them and provide less fat, sugar and calories.

Only you are considering these suggestions can lose weight, almost without realizing account. Do not forget that eating healthy and light eating is not synonymous with boring, quite the opposite can eat tasty without adding calories.

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