20 mistakes that keep you slim

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A series of events that conspire against your figure

With eager to discover what may be the mistakes you’re making when trying to lose weight? Then do not miss this great new column Dakidissa Susana, where you’ll mark the 20 most frequently when shake off those extra kilos errors.

Susana Dakidissa always knows what is good for weight loss. The body itself, always impeccable, proves it. For this reason, you can also know what mistakes you’re making and who are those that prevent you get in shape once and are. For this reason, do not miss his advice and follow them to the letter. So, you will surely get in shape.

The mistakes that keep you slim

If you’re on a weight loss plan and you’re still not losing weight as you would like, you may be making some mistakes, which are holding the weight loss and moving away from your healthy weight.

39737319-ejercicioThe most common errors are usually:

Eating too much sugar. I refer both to the normal sugar, and foods containing large amounts as soft drinks, packaged juices, cakes, candy, ice cream, bread, gravy boat, breakfast cereals etc. We also recommend you moderate consumption of salt and foods that carry too much.
Taking too many carbohydrates. Beware consumption of flour, bread, pasta, rice; You should not avoid them, because they give energy to your body. But it is to be in moderate amounts and preferably wholegrain, producing greater satiety. And something very important: never consume your dinner because the energy that they will not burn and will accumulate as fat.
Eating lots of processed foods and fast food. These foods contain many chemical additives and substances harmful to health and that similarly prevent weight loss. These cause a lot of toxins in the body. Try to keep your diet as natural as possible. Also cares how to cook, avoiding fried, battered, and other heavy sauces.
Few proteins. You should consume protein at every meal, because otherwise instead of lose weight and eliminate fat, muscle your body will burn.
Take little water. You should drink between 1.5 – 2 liters of water a day. It may be natural water, juices, teas … Forget the canned juices, alcohol and soft drinks.
Diets too restricted. If you’re doing strict diet, it is a grave error, because the body makes when it is being rationed food, is to lower your metabolism, burn very few calories and build whatever comes to you. You should eat just enough neither too much nor too little.
Skipping meals. Many people, for the rush or do not feel like it, or because it believes that this will lose weight, breakfast or dinner is skipped. Then the same happens I said before: the body to see that you skip meals, your metabolism slows down.

Too many prohibitions. If one day a week, or occasionally you see some quirk in the food, it’s okay as long as they do not do it often. Do not forbid all, as this may cause the opposite effect and the end may fall into temptation more often than you’d want.
Do cardio. At least four days a week you should do cardio at least 30 minute sessions and routines supplemented with intervals that are really effective for fat loss.
Do cardio but not toning. You must perform exercises with weights or body weight itself, which toning your muscles and to maintain that muscle mass, which is constantly burning calories (even at rest). The more muscle you have, the more calories you lose during the day.
Always doing the same routine. Try biweekly change your workout routine, do different exercises, changing times, the days when you train, hours a day, weight dumbbells, strength in exercises … Otherwise, your body will get used to perform the same exercises always slide into stagnation; that if you always do the same thing you get bored, tired and not have enough motivation to stick with exercise routines.
Very sedentary in your daily life. In addition to exercise you perform, you must be active in your life every day and try not to be sedentary. Walk, climb stairs, go for a walk, walk your dog. There are many activities that burn calories that you can make in your normal life.
Obsession with weight. Focusing too much on weight may be a mistake, you should focus on your body and you notice changes in him. How will your clothes? Since when do exercise routines and toning, increases muscle mass and muscle weighs more than fat. You could be down little weight, but proportionately much fat and increasing muscle. If you increase low fat and musculature, your body looks totally change but perhaps not notice much change in weight.
Stress. If you have stress, worry, anxiety, gives us results in a tendency to accumulate fat and eat more.
Little sleep. Sleeping few hours causes you to eat more and accumulate more fat.
The older, more difficult to lose weight. Note that the more old you are, the more difficulty you will have losing weight and fat gain fat because it is a normal trend as part of the aging process.
Health problems. Some problems in our health can make us fat or losing weight as we are not wanted. Some of them are thyroid, hormone, allergy to certain foods problems, fluid retention, etc.
Little evidence. You must be consistent with your healthy diet and your exercise for better results.
Unrealistic goals. Your goals must be marked in the short term and should be realistic with what you can achieve such as “lose 1 kilo a week.” O 2 as much but do not pretend peudes lose 20kg in a month because it’s an impossible goal
Difficult areas. Maybe you’re well on your weight loss process but there are some areas that resist and no way to remove fat from there. This is normal to happen, as the oldest fat is the most difficult to remove. You must be consistent with your exercises and not desmotivarte for this.

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