3 Causes that increase the body toxins and fat

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Reduce toxins to stimulate weight loss

Obesity is an eating disorder whose origin is multicausal, but not only these causes must be considered when treatment, but the causes that increase toxins in the body and fat. This way you can take the bull by the horns, and stimulate weight loss.

Sometimes diet may be harder than it seems since there may be reasons that favor the accumulation of toxins in the body, which can prevent you lose weight while you are making diet and exercise daily practice.

If it happened to you, you will be interested to know these 3 causes increasing body toxins and fat, to reduce them and thereby stimulate weight loss.

43735170-estr-sStress. While stress is not toxic itself, damaging and often prevents body detoxification and therefore can harm your weight loss. When you are in diestrés or harmful stress, stress hormones (adrenaline and no adrenaline) are activated. These are warning signs that prepare the body to fight back, like you need to confront imminent danger. When this happens, many purifying processes are slowed, and lead to the emergence of diseases such as diabetes, ulcers, migraine, cardiovascular problems and obesity. Because the body does not have sufficient capacity to attack toxins, this weakens and affected the entire overall health. To combat these stresses is necessary not to push yourself in front of your duties and activities that you like and will lower your daily stress.
Alcohol. You can be on a diet, but if you take too much you may find it harder to lose weight; why? Because alcohol is a hepatotoxic product and may generate fatty liver. If this happens, increase fat in the liver and body. Moreover, the liver begins to malfunction and stop removing toxins from the body, which further reduces the chances of losing weight.

Excessive consumption of processed foods. Processed foods contain preservatives, dyes and acidifying, if consumed in excess can cause fluid retention, increased food allergies and toxins that the body can not metabolize. These accumulate in the body and can reduce the slimming effect of diet and exercise.
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These causes combined with further reasons why you lose weight may be enough to leave your treatment to lose weight, and feel that you have failed in this arduous task that means weight loss. I therefore invite you to reviertas this situation and do their best to drink less alcohol, reduce daily stress and consume more natural and organic, free of preservatives, dyes, chemicals and other foods.

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