3 foods to increase endorphins and lose weight

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11666552-ilustraci-n-de-media-banana-pelada-aislado-en-un-fondo-blancoEat, be happy and lose weight

To lose weight is not enough to not eat or eat less. Your mood influences your weight. Hence if you want to lose weight, as important as eating healthy is to feel happy. By that way, these 3 foods to increase endorphins, will help you to lose weight.

Chocolate: If increasing endorphins is treated, you can not miss a sour chocolate bar a day. Such is the case, that there is even a diet of chocolate. Keep in mind, you’ll improve your mood with only 80 calories that away from getting fat, will help you lose weight.
Spicy: While spices like pepper, pepper, paprika, in addition to its thermogenic properties, act at the brain level stimulating the generation of endorphins. This makes them allies in your diet to feel good, while losing weight.

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Banana: Finally, bananas have been unjustly banished from diets for weight loss. Beyond the banana diet, include a small banana a day in your meals, will help you maintain joy and good humor, essential for weight loss.

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