4 fruits to remove fluid

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43900565-pineapplePear, melon, pineapple and watermelon

Are you looking for some fruit options to eliminate retained liquids? In this article you will find several alternatives, precisely four, which will help in this mission.

Eliminate retained liquids is one of the problems that are often present people who want to lose weight. Many times, the swelling that generates such withholding ends up being very important, adding kilos and so traditional that feeling of heaviness.

But it is also true that this can be combated by many things. The main one, food. In vegetables are the best natural diuretics that exist to eliminate these liquids. You can try with fruits, they always have good things to offer in this regard. Of course, not all will serve, but those mentioned throughout this article.

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These are four good diuretic fruits to eliminate retained liquids:

Melon: Perhaps one of the natural diuretics par excellence. Its proportion of liquid is really important. It is a very detoxifying, rich in liquids, vitamins and minerals fruit. Perfect to be exploited in any format.
Watermelon: Like the melon is almost pure water. Therefore, it is a fruit that diuretic. Yes, its temporality usually occurs only in the summer and we must seize this station. Perfect to prepare smoothies with fresh fruit other well.
Pera: A fruit that is not only very diuretic, it also provides fiber and is ideal for combating constipation. It has an effect therefore diuretic and cleanser and satiety. Anything else?
Pineapple: While many people fear pineapple because it is sweet and often have more calories than some standard fruits, it is also true that it is a food with negative calories. In addition, it also provides fibers, beyond its diuretic qualities. A great ally for diets.
Do not hesitate to use these fruits in your daily diet if you have recurring problems of fluid retention. And if you had not, they never will make you bad anyway.

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