5 foods that undermine the diet

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652868-CookiesTemptations you should avoid

If you’re dieting you should not only know which foods help you lose weight, but you must keep in mind that threaten food diet. Therefore, do not throw overland everything you’ve achieved so far and meet certain temptations represented by 5 foods to avoid.

The temptations are the order of the day, especially become stronger if you’re dieting. While many foods can become temptations, there are 5 foods that threaten diet and you should avoid.

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5 foods that undermine the diet

Cookies: In the market you can buy all kinds of cookies, both sweet and savory. The reality is that on average a packet of biscuits can provide 300 to 400 calories / 100 grams, calories for a low supply of nutrients that can help you lose weight and improve the quality of life. Although in recent times, fatty acids cookies are being modified generally provide trans fats or saturated fats. Moreover they are high in simple sugars, which can quickly turn into fat in the body. They are highly addictive, because when you start you do not stop eating them, and worst of all, finish the package and hunger has not disappeared. Do not be tempted with cookies, Remove them from your diet.
Baubles: Sometimes the caloric intake of sweets was detracts. Eat and do not eat anything seem, but really you contribute empty calories (calories only based on simple sugars).
Food preparations based on white flour: Not only are highly tempting cookies, other foods made with white flour, such as pugs stationery, buns, cakes, pizza, etc. These foods especially those containing sugar are high in calories and not feel a quick satiety. So if you want to lose weight effectively, avoid these foods.
Fried foods: fried foods you eat provide more calories than those who kitchens baked, broiled or grilled. Why? Because these foods have absorbed oil cooking medium, which above has been modified fatty acids becoming poor quality. These fats in addition to providing calories to your foods are harmful to health.
commercial sauces: In general you buy sauces are often high in fat. These add calories to your meals you can avoid. You yourself can prepare low-calorie dressings or just remove them from the diet.
These 5 foods can scupper the effectiveness of a diet because they provide calories almost without realizing it. Therefore, avoid these temptations and eliminate them from your diet, especially but you can control.

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