5 Reasons for not eating white bread

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31926666-el-pan-blanco-en-rodajas-mohosoAvoid white bread, the best thing you can do in your diet

Bread is one of the most harmful foods you can get to find a diet that does not have the slightest doubt. Read this article and know 5 reasons why you should not eat bread in your diet.

There should be more traditional than white bread food. But it should not be more damaging to your diet food. For this reason, you just have to continue reading this article, where you’ll find enough arguments to the target is so far away from your regular diet.

5 Reasons you should not include in your diet bread

Because they are refined carbohydrates. They belong to the same representation of one of the elements most reviled today by most serious nutritionists. The bread is refined pure carbon hydrate, which is not much more than empty to give your food calories. No fiber in it.

300x250Because it has too much gluten. Increasingly specialists recommend reducing the consumption of gluten, whether or not you sick celiac. This element generate digestive problems, as gluten is pegotearía against intestinal walls, and hampering the proper absorption of nutrients.

It is the worst glycemic index food. Its content, being pure carbohydrate absorption fast, shoot the IG that has the pan, being a food, little more, little less, is not recommended for any kind of diet.


It’s addictive. Like almost all refined sugars and carbohydrates from these features, white bread generates an addiction or dependence. It has not happened to you to go to lunch at a house where dinner is not started until it is no bread on the table? It’s a habit worth eradicate the table.

Adds nothing significant to your diet. If you get to see what brings the bread to your diet it is practically nil their nutrient. That is, only give you some protein (bad, because it comes from gluten) and a huge percentage of carbohydrates. That is, energy absorption immediately, otherwise the burning fast, it will stop direct to your love handles.

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