5 things you should not do after a binge

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13310518-hamburguesa-hombre-gordo-comiendo-sentado-en-el-sill-nHow to regain control without loading extra kilos in the attempt

After a binge, you only want to know how to regain control without loading extra pounds in the attempt. However, there are certain things that you should not do and that you should know.

Did you overeat in food and drink? Well if it is so, first of all avoid feeling guilty, because if you get too rigid with yourself, the result can be much worse. Often the first reaction is to undergo strict diets to lose the kilos gained as fast as possible.

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eye! Do not enter into that vicious circle of which you will be very difficult to leave. Keep in mind the following 5 things you should not do after a binge and you will discover how to regain control without loading extra pounds in the attempt.

Do not run to the scale: It is obvious that you will weigh more. Also, you know perfectly well that your weight can vary greatly from day to day. The simple retention of liquids can add you even a kilo or more. If you have abused the consumption of salty foods, you will surely retain water, which will be reflected in the balance. Wait a couple of days before regaining weight after a binge.
Do not skip breakfast: Although you have no appetite, avoid at all costs skip breakfast. If you eat breakfast as usual, you will avoid throwing yourself over food unreasonably, at lunchtime. If possible, eat some fruits that, on the other hand, will help you to purify the excesses of the previous day.
Do not go all morning in the gym: Do your usual workout routine, not one minute more, not one minute less. Exaggerating with the exercise you practice, you will only expose yourself to injuries that will keep you later, away from the gym. Instead go for a walk. A simple and safe way that helps to digest the binge of food and drink.
Do not take hours to sleep: If in addition to the excess food, you have gone to sleep very late, look for a moment in the day to take a nap and partially compensate for the night sleep. The few hours of sleep encourage the consumption of junk foods, as the brain sends stimuli to get energy quickly.
Do not promise not to return to eating such or such food or drink: Often when we are about to explode, we tend to make such absurd promises. However, the best weight loss plan is one that has no dietary restrictions but control and moderation in intake.
In any case, if hunger strikes, make sure you have a good supply of fresh fruits and vegetables at your disposal. In this way, you will avoid a new binge. eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

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