5 Tricks to increase the satiety of meals

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Controls the amount and quality of what you eat

When you can not stop the cravings it is important to implement some tricks to increase satiety meals. This way you not only will control the amount of food you eat, but also the quality.

The urge to eat is one of the biggest problems that you can find the time to go on a diet. While it is important to find the real causes of this anxiety in parallel have to hand some tricks to increase the fullness of your meals and help you reduce hunger healthily and light.

15029981-las-frutas-y-verduras-como-tomates-calabacines-melones-pl-tanos-y-uvas-dispuestas-en-un-grupo-naturaTips to control what you eat and not be hungry

It incorporates green leafy raw vegetables to your meals. Vegetables, in general, not only low calorie but a great satiety index.

Add pasta or brown rice to your preparations. While whole grains can provide calories, also they provide fiber that slows the absorption of glucose, keeping stable in blood and reducing hunger.

To manage caloric intake, adding a half cup of these foods to your preparations, for example salads. You can even combine raw vegetables with pasta, but you can also mix with cooked vegetables such as bell peppers, broccoli, sprouts, etc. In the latter case, I suggest you cook them steamed or wok.

Add cereal fiber to your breakfast. Not the same drink only a cup of tea or a glass of yogurt add a mixture of cereals, seeds and nuts rich in fiber and low in simple sugars, such as oat bran, wheat germ, wheat bran, seeds (chia seeds, sesame, linseed, poppy or sunflower seeds unsalted), nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.).

This type of breakfast provide satiety, because it keeps blood sugar stable. This proved that a good breakfast reduces hunger throughout the day, even reduces anxiety by certain foods, such as sweets.

Incorporates fresh fruits to your meals. If you eat fresh fruits with skin or peel before meals or between meals, will help to give you satiety, take off hunger and keep blood glucose levels stable. It is always better to consume fruits with skin because it is the highest percentage of fiber.

Add low-fat cheese to meals. Cheese is one of the foods with a high satiety index. You can even consume between meals when you feel anxiety. The cheese has a similar to endorphins (exorphins) responsible for providing the feeling of fullness and suppress hunger substance.
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Natural Saciantes to control hunger

These 5 tricks are very easy to implement and can even help change eating habits that will serve to maintain a stable weight and a better quality of life.

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