5 Tricks to return to your weight after Three Kings Day

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29379658-Three-Kings-DaySuggestions to overcome the temptations of the holidays

If you feel that the temptation has been more than the will and ate more this holiday season, you can not miss these 5 tricks to return to your weight after kings.

Meetings New Year’s Eve, Christmas and New Year celebrations are a great stepping stone for those who need to lose weight or at least control your weight. So if you feel the temptation has been stronger than your will, you do not feel bad there’s always time to get back on track and regain your weight.

For you succeed you brindaré 5 easy, simple and practical tips to help you not feel guilty for overeating.

5 Tricks to return to your weight after kings

Get moving. Go for a walk, running, biking or any other activity that you like and you feel good. The important thing is to increase metabolism, burn calories both for and to improve the mobilization of the intestine and reduce fluid retention. Physical exercise is useful to combat constipation and eliminate retained liquids. Even if you apichona cold, get to dance. You have no excuse! Do what you like, but move.
Before breakfast a rich lemon juice with a splash of soda. Popularly the combination of lemon with soda is alkaline considered an excellent natural remedy that balances internal environment and helps you depurarte. These effects will help you lose weight.

Juices between meals. To help your body eliminate toxins and waste, nothing better to incorporate fruit juices and vegetables to your diet and the best way to use them is that consume between meals. In this way they will play an extra function will be appetite suppressants juices (vegetables and fruits provide satiety). These juices do not add sugar or honey. As you drink the more natural, the better your properties. What fruits and vegetables use? The station is the best.
Soup at meals. The addition of fat burning soup at lunch or lunch and dinner is essential to suppress hunger, purify the body and burn fat. Come on, come on there are many tasty soups, such as cabbage soup.

Little dinner. A good way to lose weight is to dine small amount of food, avoiding pasta, legumes and cereals (these foods are rich in energy so it is best that you consume at lunch).

These 5 tricks are not difficult to carry out, on the other hand are easy to implement. Therefore, you have no excuses not to do them, you will see that will help you get back to your ideal weight.

Nope, do not tempt me with meals, desserts or snacks of the parties that are left over!

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