A woman lost weight thanks to selfies

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Using social networks to look and feel better

Fashion is gaining attention. And now just to get noticed an interesting story, because a girl has been very well for weight loss. Read the note and discover how it was that the autofotos used to their advantage.

A selfie or autofoto is a very common practice, but before the digital era and these self-portraits were used for travel document or photo shared with friends, during recent years and that name came a virtual boom in social networks.

You can take the photo yourself stretching your arms or in a mirror and there are even special clubs to do so. Well, you already know all this, surely you’ve taken more than one selfie and know that your friends and even upload to the Internet celebrities.

30347533-mujer-feliz-teniendo-imagen-de-auto-con-la-c-mara-del-smartphoneBut you do not know it is that it can serve to lose weight. Yes, as you read, an Icelandic woman named Eva Ruth Gunnlaugsdottir removed selfies he says he helped in his weight loss.

This 35 year old woman lost almost 50 kilos since he began uploading photos to your Facebook and Instagram. Eva told the New York Post that the first picture that came embarrassed, made her feel bad about herself and rose almost as a joke. However it was the step he had to take to begin the change.

When he began this unique “treatment” weighed over 120 kilos and had a very complicated relationship with food, it felt like a drug, always had to deal with her weight since adolescence. It is also mother from the 28 years which hurt even her relationship with food.

Although this something particular technique worked very well, starting a more balanced diet it was not easy and Eva ensures that your family and friends you proposed the idea to upload the pictures of his body was changing as a more healthy life.


This relationship between weight loss and social networks led to some research that showed that a support network in social networks are a great help to encourage and maintain weight loss diet longer.

Social Interface Magazine found that weight loss programs online are highly effective, people who register on pages where they can share their development in weight loss with other lose more than 8% of its weight in six months. Capture your photos and view other people losing weight helps to engage more with his regime.

Returning to Eve, even though she says she sees her first pictures is ashamed, though he feels great satisfaction when you see the past.

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