Alternatives to the water to lose weight

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25470315-manzana-fresca-y-jugo-de-zanahoria-sobre-fondo-marr-nDrinks day to lose weight

You want to incorporate healthy drinks to your diet? Then be sure to consider these great options that serve as perfect replacement of water, but added great properties. Read the note and Know them!

As you know, drink at least two liters of water is something that anyone who wants to lose weight should do. Water is essential not only to keep the body hydrated, but to release toxins and many other things. There are even theories that indicate that drinking water before meals reduces calorie intake. It is true, however, that some people struggle to consume in such quantities. But there are always good alternatives.

Here are some options flavored waters and properties that can be used as a drink during the day to replace the “common” water:

Detox water watermelon: Watermelon is a great to detoxify the body and can contribute much flavor to the water you no longer want to eat fruit. You prepare this recipe you ensure cleanliness and good urinary transit.

Water cress: Water “anti kilos”. Watercress is great to cleanse the digestive system. It can be an excellent choice for those who like green smoothies.

Coconut water: It’s a little heat, good for metabolism and antioxidant rich beverage. Ideal for those who love this kind of sweet, but with an important bastion of property in their favor.

Ginger water for hypothyroidism: This recipe with ginger is great for all age groups, but especially for those who have problems with hypothyroidism, since it has some more interesting elements to his credit.

Water detox strawberry: strawberries, rosemary, mint, melon … A combination of flavors and really supreme aromas. To not add calories and rejoice the palate and the eye with something that is more than healthy.

Cranberry water: Without a doubt, blueberries are another category to cleanse the body and help you get better. So why not try this delicious water is proposed here and that has as its main ingredient?
Water apple and cinnamon: The combination of apple and cinnamon is great for the digestive system, it is delicious and will help cleanse your liver region. Almost nothing, right?

Water Chia: This is great to incorporate omega 3 fatty acids and soluble fiber. It is the classic way to activate chia seeds with water and then a touch of lemon detox will give you the bonus that is missing in the recipe.

And you … What recipes used as a water day? You just have to tell it in the comments and share your tastes with everyone.

(Each individual recipes can be viewed by clicking on their names)

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