As lower belly with lemon juice and bicarbonate

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16481827-cucharada-de-bicarbonatoLemon juice and bicarbonate loss belly

Both lemon and baking soda have properties that can help you lose weight. While each of these natural products provide own benefits, they also share certain virtues.

Therefore, why not use them, combine them and prepare a natural remedy, home and effective to lose some extra kilos? If you want to know how to lose belly, do not stop to consider the lemon juice and soda.

Lemon has not only diuretic and cleansing properties that can help you lose belly but, like baking soda, balances the body’s acid-base ratio.

Alkalizing the internal environment is very important; that facilitates operation of the various body cells. This improves all physiological processes, including digestion and metabolism of nutrients.

How the remedy of lemon and bicarbonate is prepared

For all the benefits of both natural products, just follow these steps:

Get the juice of three lemons
Dump the juice in one liter of water
Add a tablespoon of baking soda
Mix all ingredients and drink this lemonade during the day

For this juice is even more effective, should be accompanied by a diet with alkaline foods that promote further weight loss.

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