At what time should you have lunch to lose weight?

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LunchA study by the Salk Institute of Biological Studies determined that what is important to maintain the ideal weight is not only the type of diet that is taken, but also the time at which it is eaten, as reported by the Infobae portal.

The research determined that the optimum is always to eat at the same time, both breakfast, lunch and dinner. The study points out that it is advisable to eat food for the first time at 11 in the morning, after four hours, ie three in the afternoon, continue with lunch and finally at 7:00 a.m. is eaten for the last time in the day.

The important thing according to the study is to maintain a nocturnal fast of 16 hours, since brown fats are burned here.

Lunch is one of the three main meals of the day that you can not forget, after breakfast and before dinner. Research from universities: Murcia (Spain), Harvard and Tufts (United States) has shown that those who wish to lose weight should eat before 15.00.

According to the researchers, the schedule affects the functioning of the circadian biological rhythms and, therefore, alters the metabolism.

It is also important, according to the University of San Diego, not to dine late at night because it increases the risk of heart disease.

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