Biotin speeds up metabolism and helps you lose weight

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14635571-fruto-de-fondo-con-naranjas-limones-cerezas-manzanas-y-fresasA vitamin to burn fat and lose weight quickly

Biotin is a vitamin present in our body naturally. Plays several important roles in promoting good health of this. L One is to help metabolize nutrients we eat.

Scientists have discovered that increasing your intake can increase metabolism and thereby lose weight. Want to know how deep this benefit? in this article you will find …

Biotin is a B complex vitamin, known as B7. The can be present in small amounts in various foods.

It plays important roles in the body because it works with the work done by enzymes that break down food into substances such as fats, carbohydrates, proteins, etc.

It is essential for the proper metabolism of nutrients. For this reason, it may be helpful for weight loss. But how can you do? Read on and find out!
Benefit biotin slimming

This benefit is given by the great ability of this vitamin to regulate and improve metabolism and processing of calories. It is clear that this process does not achieve immediate weight loss, but you can do it over time.

Since digestion works to be performed more easily and correctly, achieving a higher state of satiety for longer. This action is very positive because it will help you eat less food.

Experts say that for positive and rapid weight loss results with biotin, should help its natural intake through food, with the use of supplements.

Another way is to collaborate biotin in the diet to lose weight, is helping the nervous system work efficiently. Thus, the feeling of boredom and fatigue that sometimes feels when a diet is done to lose weight is reduced.

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However, nutritionists usually recommend not focus all expectations to lose weight only biotin and accompany their consumption with a reduced calorie diet and exercise.

Foods rich in biotin supplements and dosages to eat

You can find it naturally in the following foods:

Dairy products
Saltwater fish
Meat poultry
The carrots
The spinach
Wheat bran
Beer yeast

They are available in many health food stores and pharmacies. Biotin is also present in multivitamins. You can find it in the form of:

It has established itself as an adequate amount of 30 to 100 micrograms daily. But if you want to lose weight should consume 300 micrograms a day.

Contraindications and side effects of biotin

Consumption usually causes no negative effect. But it is advisable to consult a doctor during pregnancy, lactation or kidney failure.

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