Black cherries to lose kilos quickly

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Cherries are a very appetizing fruit has a high nutritional content. For example, they are a rich source of anthocyanins, a natural compound with great antioxidant properties.

And thanks to its large amount of fiber, black cherries can cause satiety and so help you lose weight. Interested how else you can help? Find out in Article …

Black Cherry is a very popular, from fruit tree Prunus serotina. Cherries juice high in antioxidants, which are very precious anthocyanins extracted.

According to various investigations, it has been verified that black cherries have greater health benefits than their sisters red cherries.

Anthocyanins and melatonin are two of the most important antioxidants in this fruit content. One of the benefits that have been discovered recently, is its ability to help eliminate extra kilos that sometimes bother you.

Want to know how you can do it? Take note of the following tips.

Black Cherry benefit for weight loss

According to nutrition experts tell the rich nutrient content of black cherries may help in weight loss when they form part of a balanced diet but low in calories.

If you did not know, cherries are a rich source of fiber, a great help to increase satiety and thus to control the daily intake of calories.

The reason why this fruit is good for slimming diets and weight control, is related to the type of fiber that has, that is not completely digested nor absorbed in the human body.

Different scientific studies confirm this.

In an article published in 2009 in the journal Nutrition Reviews, it reported that diets rich in fiber were a very effective and practical to increase weight loss in obese way.

Moreover, other studies on the slimming properties of black cherries, suggest that anthocyanins (one of the more antioxidants present in black cherry juice) can help regulate levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in blood.

For example, research conducted in 2006 and published in Free Radical Research, it was found that consumption of foods rich in anthocyanins may help prevent hypertension, diseases of inflammatory origin, cancer and improve health cardiovascular and avoid obesity.

How black cherries consume and how much

As cherries are such a pleasant taste will be very easy to consume or perhaps are your favorite fruits. For its benefits you can consume:

Desserts and fruit salads
Juices and smoothies
If you’re wondering how much should I eat to lose weight?

Here’s your answer: Researchers from several studies have concluded that should consume 14 grams of fiber per 1,000 calories consumed.

To give you an idea, a cup of black cherries can offer you 3 grams of fiber. If you want to lose weight with cherries you should eat 5 cups a day, what do you think?

Side effects of the consumption of black cherries

The only thing known so far is the allergic reaction that some people may have against any of its components.

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