Borage, a plant that takes away hunger

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11679214-borraja-flores-borago-officinalis-en-el-jard-nPlant with mucilages for dieting

When you start a diet, it can be very useful to know the properties of vegetables and plants. In this way you can identify which plants burn fats, which help you to purify the body and which will take away your hunger. An example of this last group is borage, a vegetable that helps you to eliminate hunger thanks to the mucilages it contains.

Borage is not a vegetable so widespread or consumed naturally, but has great properties and virtues for those people who want to lose weight. Also, this plant can use its flowers, stems and seeds for the preparation of different natural remedies to treat different conditions, including overweight.

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Borage is a vegetable that has many properties to lose weight, within which you can mention its ability to remove hunger, since it is a food that in its composition contains mucilages, which upon contact with water and gastric juices, They increase their volume causing satiety.

On the other hand, borage is a vegetable that contributes very few calories, only 21 calories / 100 gr. It contributes a large percentage of water, which is important as it also favors satiety.

It also contains potassium, a mineral that helps prevent fluid retention, eliminating excess fluids from the body.

Similarly, its fiber, helps to purify the body and increase intestinal transit.

All these benefits can be obtained by incorporating borage into your diet, in salads, soups, smoothies, or other preparations in which you usually use vegetables. While it is a vegetable not so consumed, in it you can find an ally against the extra kilos and anxiety for food.

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