Breakfast is the most important meal as science

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31456536-desayunoTake your breakfast would be crucial for weight loss

Are you one of those who always eat breakfast without fail? Well, according to a number of scientific research, breakfast would not be so important for weight loss.

It is known that breakfast is generally recommended as a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. Ie start the day eating abundant, reduce the ration noon and night eating a little. This is because for all your activities you need the energy that gives you a full breakfast, go on with the midday meal and then go to bed with a small light dinner.

It’s hard to find someone who is against this belief, and at school I also advise you and your parents have said. And this idea is repeated in weight loss diets as well start the day eating gives you energy, activates the metabolism and helps regulate your body.

Is it good breakfast?

Several studies in recent years justify the idea that you’ve always had internalized as a positive, it is not. Breakfast would not be as critical as you think, according to science.

On the one hand, there is a 2011 article that collects several studies that dictate the need for this first meal of the day. The results say that those who skip breakfast have a higher risk of overweight.

Another recommendation of some of these studies is that those who eat breakfast are able to maintain a healthy weight long term. A database that compiles records of people who have lost more than 13 kilos and have kept for at least one year showed that 78% of them eat breakfast every day.

Although these studies do little more than reinforce the idea already in place, others say otherwise. A study in a group of 37 people showed that those who ate no breakfast no more calories, but eat less.

In 1992 the diet was studied 45 obese women in a weight loss diet for 3 months, followed for 6 months thereafter. They split two subgroups, one ate breakfast and the other not, but followed similar diets. Upon completion of the study, no significant differences between those who ate breakfast and those who did were observed.

But were not the only studies that showed that breakfast is not essential in a diet to lose weight. Others came to the same conclusion: no significant differences between those who did not eat breakfast and when noticeable weight loss.

As in many other cases, science is responsible to show different hypotheses and theories, even those that are contradictory. Now everything is in your hands, choose breakfast or not?

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