Can you eat pork in the diet to lose weight?

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17756575-meat porkA meat with less calories believed

Pork, often, usually discarded before hand when making a diet to lose weight. But it is not always as caloric as believed. In fact there are cuts that are really suitable for those who want to include in your food safe.

Many people, when they decide to diet, choose to directly suppress red meat or simply opt for chicken, fish or vegetables meats. It’s a pretty wise decision as these (if consumed cooked properly and are lean) tend to have fewer calories and fat. But, anyway, this does not mean that you have to completely abandon.

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There is a widespread belief, for example, that the pork is, in itself, more heat than any other. Okay, some cuts of the animal are really caloric and fatty. But there are others who put up virtually chicken. And it is why it is worth to note certain information before discarding flat.

So much so, that pork cuts such as steak with bone fat count reaches about 130 calories per 100 grams of product, not so far from chicken, for example. This is even lower in cuts like sirloin or tenderloin, with less than three grams of fat per 100 grams. In addition, it has a protein content of about 20 percent of its composition. In turn, the pork is rich in potassium, selenium, vitamin B and monounsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, whenever fatty cuts are avoided, not be so compromising their cholesterol levels.

The ways of preparing pork are really varied. Of course, keep in mind that should always be cuts like rump, sirloin and tenderloin, always withdrawing any signs of external fat they might have. It should not fry nor accompanied by heavy sauces or garnishes too caloric. Grilled and broiled, for example, range from wonders. And you can also try light recipes such as pork and pineapple salad, a stir fry pork and vegetable or this fabulous pork with orange (going great in sweet and sour recipes).

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