Celery recipe slimming tea

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22672974-apio-verde-fresco-aislado-en-blancoProperties infusion of celery to lose weight

All food has its benefits and can be used to treat various conditions. Such is the case of the properties of celery to lose weight. Thanks to its components, celery is ideal for inclusion in a low calorie diet, including through infusions, as this recipe slimming tea celery plant. Try it.

It is very likely that you know the benefits of eating vegetables in a diet to lose weight. Among them, celery has a special place. No wonder, since they are many good properties has celery to lose weight

One of the best ways to leverage the benefits of drinking tea is celery. Here you have the recipe.


1 whole celery
2 liters of water

300x250Cut the base of a whole celery
Wash it
Cooking in water
Boil for half an hour
In this way the water will be reduced by half, staying one liter
If you like celery and consúmelo advantage in some preparation
How tea celery?

Take celery tea throughout the day, if you prefer it.
You can eat it hot or cold for 15 days.
Look at the step by step to prepare in this video:

Remember to consult your physician with any questions you may have.

Properties of the celery to lose weight

Satiating. Contain a high percentage of fiber, it gives a sense of satiety, thanks to longer stays in the stomach for digestion.
Diuretic. Stimulates urine formation, thanks to its diuretic effect.
Purifying. It stimulates intestinal motility, enhancing body clearance.
Detoxifying. It helps normalize cholesterol and triglycerides.
These characteristics make it an indispensable celery for a slimming diet food.

How to eat celery in a diet to lose weight?

Celery can be eaten in different ways. Some of the ways that you can incorporate celery in your diet are:

Raw in salads, such as preparing this delicious salad recipe celery, apple and carrot, which adds the properties of these two delicious food. Try it! You’re going to love it.
As water celery, which can include liquefied or detoxifying juices, as this shake kiwi and celery.
Cooked in fat burning soups, cakes, puddings, soufles, etc.
Here I present a different way of harnessing the properties of celery to lose weight, infusion or tea.

Advantages of consuming celery tea or infusion

This is the best way to exploit their properties, especially for those who may suffer from diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome or digestive inflammation and can not eat celery, mostly in raw form.

If you suffer from intestinal problems, raw celery is not easy to digest. Hence, use infusions celery, can be a good alternative for you.

How much is medicinal celery?

All celery plant is medicinal since it is diuretic and cleansing both essential oils that comprise, for their fiber content.

So you can take advantage of the properties of celery diet, you can eat all the celery plant, both the stem and leaves, as you can use in different preparations. If you want to take celery juice, you can prepare detoxifying smoothies with vegetables and fruits you want, such as papaya.

Just be aware I do not consume excessive in the following cases:

Kidney and liver failure.
Allergy to any of its components.
Gastritis or gastric ulcers.

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