Choosing green tea

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As drinking green tea for weight loss

Phytotherapy offers you different types of tea or infusions that can help you reduce weight, as is the case of green tea. This infusion of green color and distinctive flavor has medicinal properties and slimming. So if you want to use natural products to lose weight, slim with green tea. To achieve this, you must first know how to make green tea.

Contraindications of green tea
Green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, it is an ancient tea that has many benefits and weight loss properties. It is a very good complement of low-calorie diets for weight loss.

How slimming green tea?

Green tea contains substances called catechins, which are responsible for its slimming properties.

To help you lose weight, green tea acts in the following ways.

It helps burn fat. This is because it prevents the functioning of the enzyme responsible for the destruction of norepinephrine, a critical hormone in the process of removing fats.
Speeds up the metabolism. Because it increases the duration of action of noradrenaline on certain adipocytes, increases thermogenesis and fat oxidation.
It facilitates caloric expenditure. Green tea contains caffeine, which further increases caloric expenditure and fat oxidation.
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How drinking green tea for weight loss?

The most common and easiest way to take green tea is by preparing an infusion, although it can also be consumed in tablets, powders and shakes.16531373-los-mejores-dos-hojas-del-t-verde-en-el-blanco

To prepare the green tea, follow these steps.

Boil 1/2 liter of water
Place 5 grams of plant leaves or a tea bag
Let stand for 10 minutes.

In this video you can see in more detail how to prepare green tea way.

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For its effect to be effective, you must take 3 or 4 cups of tea per day, distributed after each main meal. That is after breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

However, there are other variants taking green tea diet. In the following video you will find a couple of alternatives to replace traditional green tea infusions.

Given the properties of green tea to lose weight and how to take it, you’ll incorporate into your diet to lose weight, whether in teas, capsules or powder, thus achieving weight loss naturally.

Contraindications of green tea

Green tea has a high percentage of protein (caffeine) and tannins. Although both substances are responsible for many of their benefits they are also due to contraindications and side effects of green tea. That’s why you should avoid drinking alcohol in the following cases.

Arterial hypertension
Heart diseases
Ulcers and other stomach problems
Kidney or prostate problems
Pregnancy and lactation
In this video you can see in more detail in which situations it is preferable not to take green tea.

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It is important that in any case of doubt consult your doctor before taking green tea.

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