Diuretic celery and onion soup

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Diuretics to lose weight soup onion and celery

The diuretic soups can become a great option for you if you have problems with fluid retention or just if you want to lose weight thanks to the properties of plants that compose it. Do not miss this delicious recipe with celery and onion.

If you’re dieting to lose weight, the benefits of eating soups, are manifold. In principle, they manage to give you instant satisfaction, without pursing too many calories. In turn, they are always good because they offer various nutrients important for your metabolism.

This particular recipe, is a delicious soup celery and onion, besides being simple and very good for weight loss, have diuretic effects that prevent you retain fluids and toxins. Something that is always important to monitor when trying to lose extra kilos.

24597784-sopa-de-apio-fresco-en-un-taz-n-blancoTo prepare this soup diuretic, based on celery and onion, you need the following ingredients:

A liter of water
A bunch of celery
A large onion
A leek
A sprig of fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, oregano, etc.)
Salt and pepper

Put water to boil with the vegetables. Celery cut into small pieces, like the onion and leek.
Add the bouquet of fresh herbs, such as parsley, thyme, oregano and all you want to include, joining branches and tying with string.
Simmer for about twenty minutes or half an hour over low heat.
Thus, you will have this diuretic celery and onion soup ready to eat throughout the day. Do not forget before adding salt and pepper to taste.

Options to make this rich soup of celery and onion

You can brew the preparation to consume only vegetable broth and separating that reservarás for another dish.

But if you want to make more substantial and satisfying, simply that passes without strain through a blender, to take advantage of all vegetables.
This is up to you, and anyway, you consume a food with very few calories.

When should you consume a rich bowl of soup is excellent diuretic?

While the ideal is to eat a bowl of this soup of celery and onions fasting, you can also consume it at other times of day.
It is recommended that you incorporate more bowl before each main meal of the day, since it is not only perfect for eliminating retained fluids, but also, is supersaciante.
Thus, the consumption of 3 cups of the soup a day, will ensure the most of powerful diuretic that will help you lose weight.

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