Do fruits get fat?

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6363277-fruitsCan the fruit be fat?

When you have to diet, many are the questions about what foods get fat or what foods help you lose weight. One of these questions, surely, is related to fruits. These, although very healthy, often raise doubts about whether they can or not gain weight. So, what better than to answer these concerns, and find out if the fruits get fat or not.

Fruits are foods that, perhaps because of their sweet taste, raise doubts about whether they are fattening or not. Even a lot has been said about tropical fruits or whether they can or can not eat at night, especially if you are dieting.

The reality is that the components of the fruits speak for themselves, and can answer you whether they can gain weight or not.

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Do fruits get fat?

Although there are fruits that restricts their consumption, because their caloric value may be a little higher, their organic components compensate the calories they provide and can be beneficial to lose weight although they should be eaten with a scheduled frequency, such as coconut or FIG.
Fruits contain simple carbohydrates that would pass directly into the bloodstream, but thanks to the large amount of fiber it possesses, these carbohydrates pass slowly, preventing these sugars from forming in the adipose tissue. Therefore, it is recommended to eat the fruit with its peel or skin, to remove the hunger.
On the other hand, this same fiber is satiety, since your stomach needs more time to digest it and can be metabolized correctly. For this reason, it is also advisable to eat a fruit before the main meals or as a collation between meals.
You should not forget that fruits are not fat food, especially saturated, so it will not provide fatty acids that deposit directly into the adipose tissue.
Finally, fruits are considered negative calorie foods, so not only would you not be contributing calories to your diet, but you would be burning them. This is due to the calories consumed by the body to digest them.
In conclusion, fruits do not gain weight for different reasons, although it is important to clarify that it also depends on the amount you consume. Remember, it is advised to eat 5 fruits a day.

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