Do you fast for a couple of days or diet every day?

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Weight loss
Weight loss

Several years ago experts are debating between these two strategies to lose weight. A part of them says that the most effective way to lose pounds is to do fasting intermittently, a strategy that allows weight loss in a short time and also, according to some studies is related to longevity. The other side is committed to a regular low-calorie diet every day.

Now new research published in JAMA Internal Medicine claims that diet based on intermittent fasting may not be as good as it was thought to lose weight in a short time. The study consisted of several groups of people, some had a fast of about 500 calories followed by “normal” days in which they ate anything, and others followed a typical diet with a daily cut of calories of 25%.

Researchers firmly believed that the fasting group would lose more weight than others, cut things short because it is perceived that it is easier to make an intermittent fast than to follow a daily diet. However, a year later both groups had lost approximately six kilos and in the fasting group there were more defectors because of difficulty in following the regimen than among those who underwent a daily calorie cut.

“I was really convinced that it would be easier to follow an intermittent fast and also lose more pounds, I was surprised that with both strategies is thinned to the same extent, said the author of the paper Krista Varady, associate professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago and author of The Every-Other-Day Diet. His message now is that intermittent fasting does not work for everyone.

The researchers found no difference between people who had both diets on blood pressure, insulin resistance or heart rate.

According to the author at work it was seen that everyone does not work the same diet. “For half of those who did fast there was no effect, but other people with the same diet managed to lose between 10 and 20 kilos. This suggests that all people do not respond equally well to the same diet. If people fail with a (controlled) diet to lose weight, instead of getting discouraged you should try until you find the regime that works best for you. What goes well in one person does not have to work just as they should in another, “Varady said.

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