Eating carbohydrates makes you fat or slims

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38216997-panNew studies bring down an old myth: Flour not fattening

For decades the carbohydrates shared with the fats, the bench of the accused for the extra kilos. However, new studies demolish an old myth: Flours do not get fat. Eating carbohydrates would not only not gain weight, but could help you lose weight. Find out how and why, this could be so.

A new study from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, published by Obesity magazine, finds that eating carbohydrates, against all beliefs held as valid, could help you lose weight. Even more so, if you suffer from morbid obesity.

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In effect, the research subjected a group of volunteers to a diet rich in carbohydrates, largely consumed during dinner. The study showed that people who underwent this diet experienced significant weight loss, which belies all the forecasts made so far.

The explanation would come from the hand of the hormones that are secreted while you sleep. Specifically on the effects of intake, on the secretion of hormones such as leptin, satiating effect, ghrelin, famine and adiponectin. The latter hornon, which is very reduced in obesity, is related to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Diseases associated with overweight.

The novel route of inquiry arose randomly, from the observation of what happens to the habits of Muslim ingestion during Ramadan. On such occasions, they fast during the day and eat high-carbohydrate meals at night. The results showed that their hormonal profile changes favorably, with this plan of ingestion.

You know there are carbs that do not get fat. There are even other carbohydrates that are good for weight loss. However, they have traditionally been restricted in diets to lose weight, especially in the last hours of the day, which the study in question has been in charge of overturning.

The aforementioned finding would be in addition to previous research, which has found that restrictive carbohydrate diets would increase cholesterol in obese people who have been subjected to them for a long time. In short, if you fancy the pastas do not deprive them of them, since it is possible to claim the unjustly detracted carbohydrates and remember that they too, have their importance to lose weight.

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