Fast diet green tea for weight loss

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Perfect for depurarte and deflate the belly

Short diets are perfect for those who want to lose weight quickly. You can implement this proposal, with green tea as the main ingredient.

Model quick green tea diet for weight loss
Surely you know that green tea is one of the best natural elements that exist when it comes to losing weight. It burns fat, helps eliminate retained liquids (it is a good diuretic) it is antioxidant and much more. For this very reason, it has become one of the most common diet allies. So you can even take it as a central axis in a brief diet, attack, to shake off some kilos.

7050156-bush-de-hojas-de-t-verde-de-t-de-la-vidaThe idea of ​​this diet is to act fast, so purifying, activating the metabolism, eliminating retained liquids and purifying the body quickly. For this reason, nothing better than having a good daily dose of green tea (one liter) and a power chord that accompanies either hypocaloric. Remember to eat without salt or reduced sodium salt, as this will help cleanse your body even faster.

What are the evidence that the use of green tea used for weight loss?

In principle, according to the Medical Center of the University of Maryland, the catechins in green tea may increase metabolism and, thereby, promote fat burning.
Furthermore, by its stimulating action, the caffeine contained in green tea, may have an inhibitory effect on appetite.
Research conducted in Thailand on an obese population found that the consumption of green tea produces a significant increase in weight loss, attributable to their thermogenic properties.

Model quick green tea diet for weight loss

Breakfast: A green smoothie. A cup of green tea.
Food: Some light chicken recipe, always brisket, fat, a healthy cooking method and accompanied by vegetables, preferably raw. A fruit for dessert. A cup of green tea one hour before or after the meal.
Afternoon: A cup of green tea. A pear, apple or peach. A yogurt 0%.
Dinner: A light recipe with fish, preferably steamed and accompanied by a salad or cooked vegetable saludablmente. An hour after dinner, a cup of green tea (or one hour before if you suffer from insomnia).

Make this purifying and fast green tea diet for not more than five days. It is essential that accompany a rather high consumption of water (a half liter or more) and also do physical exercise. Tea deshincharte you and take off some kilos in a few days.

While this diet includes eating 4 cups of green tea a day, according to the Medical Center of the University of Maryland, suffice 2-3 cups daily for its slimming benefits.

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