Fat burning soup recipe

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9691308-sopa-de-verduras-fresca-hizo-de-jud-as-verdes-guisantes-zanahoria-patata-pimiento-rojo-tomate-y-puerSlimming soup: the more you eat lower weight

Soups burning fat, as you can learn in this recipe is great for weight loss because it is a diuretic, purifying, satiating and also has negative calories. For this reason, it is still an excellent addition to your diet to lose weight. Will you try to stop?

Have you ever heard of soup burning fat? Probably yes or probably from these lines, you feel like to know.

This is absolutely a preparation composed of vegetables that have great qualities to lose weight and also have negative calories. This makes it a great ally when it comes to losing weight because it can be consumed in amounts without any problems.

This soup burns fat, and had negative calories, is fat burning vegetables, like onions, you will provide cleansing, diuretic and satiating properties. For this reason, you have no more to be taken into account and start preparing. It also has for this amount proposed in the recipe you can even take a few days.


Six large onions
Two green peppers
A bundle of celery
Five tomatoes peeled
A cabbage or cabbage
A tablet defatted broth (chicken, vegetables, flavor of your choice)
Three liters of water

This recipe starts cleaning the vegetables. Cut into pieces and place in a large pot with tomatoes and bouillon cube.
Boil fast for 10 minutes on low heat until vegetables are tender. Then pass it through the blender.
If you want you can add salt, pepper, curry, garlic sauce and any non-calorie dressing that comes to mind and you like.
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When can I make this soup?

Given its low calorie, their satiating effect and all its great properties, you can eat whenever you’re hungry. Some even say that the more you eat, the more you lose weight. A good option is to take it before lunch and before dinner, after completing some light dish.

This recipe is used in diets of all kinds. It was prepared by the department of cardiology at Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital and is the main course of a very famous diet. In fact, it is used for heart patients who need surgery or who need to lose weight quickly, without any risk. Also part as a special dish of our 5-day detox diet.

You can also prepare if you want to diet onion, a restrictive diet that lasts only a week, because it helps you lose weight very fast but is unbalanced.

Why is this good action of fat burning soup?

It has negative calories. The secret of this diet is that you burn more calories than you consume, since all its ingredients have negative calories. Thus, for the content of nutrients that have these ingredients, the body burns more calories to consume, that you make in the same soup.

Detox has a clear effect. This soup, for the content of celery, cabbage, tomatoes and other ingredients detox have a great effect on the one hand, but on the other remineralizante. A great option.

It is diuretic. Many of the ingredients that have this soup are ideal for removing retained fluids, starting with celery, a vegetable with great potential in this regard.

It is satisfying. This soup is full of both soluble and insoluble vegetable fiber. We will perfect that you feel fuller, but also for you to absorb fats and depures the body through a more agile intestinal transit.

It is metabolic. Some of these ingredients also help your metabolism work better.

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