Home laxatives to lose weight belly

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Some natural allies to combat constipation

Sometimes, both the bad eating habits and diets can cause digestive disorders such as bloating, flatulence and constipation. To fight them, nothing better than to use natural laxatives that help slim the tummy without overloading the digestive system with synthetic chemical laxatives. These home laxatives are the best solution to deflate the belly.

There are many homemade solutions that can help you speed up the slow transit and fight constipation. Among them, the most important is to adopt a correct diet. Yet sometimes, change of diet food product, alterala intestinal motility.

To recover the pace of evacuation, you can resort to homemade foods that work as laxatives.

Plantain seeds

23031620-semillas-de-lino-sobre-un-fondo-blancoOne of the most effective natural laxatives is that you can be prepared from plantain seeds. This home is ideal for laxative rid of constipation, and that swell upon contact with intestinal fluids and thereby stimulate peristalsis.

In other words, with this remedy you can quickly slim the tummy with only accelerate intestinal transit.


Another widely used laxative plum home is due to its high fiber content and containing sorbitol, a substance that stimulates intestinal motility. You can eat them whole in a juice, dried, baked or stewed.

If you combine plums grapes or apples you can prepare a delicious natural remedy and troubleshoot your constipation problem, you will find delicious.

Smoothie spinach and linseed

A smoothie spinach and flaxseed can be a good alternative to restore intestinal motility, because both foods have a high percentage of fiber components.

To prepare the batter, mix the pre-soaked ground and some of that plant, water and beat until processed seeds. Consume fasting morning.


You can not miss trying a home remedy peach is palatable as well as being very effective because of its high fiber content, so you can easily deflate the belly and ending bloating.

You can eat peach juice alone or combined with melon, cucumber and wheat.


You can also try the pitaya, a very particular fruit, improves digestion, has a lot of fiber and provides mobility to the intestinal transit. In short, it is a great ally against constipation problems.

Infusions of herbal laxatives are also a great alternative. Some plants with cleansing properties, such as artichoke, celery, parsley and sin, are excellent examples.

Cherimoya, like other tropical fruits, is a great activator of intestinal transit. Carambola has similar characteristics, because it also has a high percentage of fibers and also has tartaric and malic acid, two powerful natural laxative substances.


Another food that can not miss is the chia plant collaborates in eliminating constipation. Active seeds in a little water to loosen the mucilage and then takes all the content.

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