How red tea should be taken per day to lose weight?

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Frequently Asked Questions about the daily consumption of red tea

Red tea
I’m taking you where I bought red and they told me I could take up to two liters a day I want to know if this can be done or only taken after meals
Submitted by claudia

Hi Claudia: Red tea like green tea derived from the same plant: Camellia sinensis. Leaves are the parts used to perform red tea infusión.El has components such as:

Vitamin C
Vitamin B complex

Both flavonoids and vitamin C and B vitamins act as antioxidants and organic increase thermogenesis. Tannins play a role that should be taken into account, because they interfere with the proper absorption of iron by the body. Therefore, it should not be taken red tea, green tea or other infusion, even coffee immediately after meals. You must allow at least one hour after eating.

34923509-hojas-de-t-secasAs for the amount of red tea that you can take, you should not consume more than three cups of red tea daily, as it may cause excitability, tachycardia, etc. I hope I’ve been helpful. A greeting.

Vs. red tea capsules natural red tea

red tea in pill is taken fasting
I want to know if the red tea fasting pastllas taken and how. Thank you for your help.

Sent by luis


Hello Luis! The red tea capsules can be safely considered a drug. Therefore, it is not advisable to consume it willingly, without a consultation with a specialist. He’ll know tell you what amounts to take, how to do it and whether it is advisable for your health. Beyond this, they can exploit the properties of red tea to lose weight in other ways. But this is the question you could make: why use red tea capsules if you can go for the original product? If you have blood pressure problems, you can take three or four cups a day of red tea smoothly and thus enjoy its slimming effects. You can also include red tea in smoothies, as this shake of red tea and fruit to lose weight.

How I can take capsules of red tea?

red tea capsules
Hello today started taking capsules of red tea with soy lecithin … my question is when and how should consume .. because the person q me told me it was sold twice a day … then I know when I take them after breakfast or lunch or after tea time or food ??? Please be great if you could answer my question

Posted By Daniela
Hello Daniela: the best you can do is go to the doctor and he advised you how to take red tea capsules. Do not forget that, as a tablet, and it could be considered a drug, especially since I do not know exactly if besides red tea and soy lecithin, has another component. So who better than your doctor, who is who knows your entire medical history, to tell you what to take and how. I hope I’ve helped. A greeting.

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