How to cook with the steamer to your diet to lose weight?

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Steamed, richer and healthier foods low in fat and calories

Have a steamer and would like to use their benefits to cook rich and light? Then do not miss this article. I share my best tricks steamed, low in calories and fat and most importantly: superdeliciosa!

Whether or not a diet, if there is an irreplaceable kitchen accessory, that is the steamer. If you do not yet have one, you will not regret your purchase. Steaming is fast, easy, healthy and also delicious.

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What are the advantages of steam cooking on a low calorie diet?

When steaming the food nutrients remain intact. Thus, you can incorporate all the vitamins and minerals, as necessary to carry out the various metabolic processes that allow thinning.
You can cook several foods at once. Allowing you significant savings in time and energy, protecting not only the environment but also your wallet. And disappear a few excuses that often conspire against your weight loss program: lack of time and lack of money.
19220239-la-comida-sana-en-vapor-cocina-de-vapor-con-varios-vegetales-y-frutasImprovements flavor of your meals. What do you feel satisfech with saucers from your diet, pushing the temptations that always arise when you need to lose weight.
It is not necessary to add fatty preparing means so that the calories from foods produced vapor are reduced significantly.
Using your steamer for cooking your meals light?

Place in the lower bowl, dishes that require longer cooking time, such as meat.
You not need to put too much water. If you exceed your food will lose flavor. Just watching the water is not completely evaporate, to avoid losing moisture.
When the water to boil, lower the heat level of your steamer and continue cooking at that level.
Add seasonings to your food water to enter their aromas as it cooks.
Make sure the top of your steamer is working properly and that the steam is not filtered, leaving out its aromas, affecting the good taste of the finished dish.


4 dishes low in calories and fat produced steam:

 Steamed rice light: The secret of this recipe lies in using brown rice. It is much more {healthy and complete as white rice and cooked beautifully in the steamer.
Steamed artichokes light: not only have excellent properties for weight loss, are delicious, especially if you prepare steamed. The trick is not to forget to include among quite garlic seasoning you add water.
Light salmon with steamed vegetables: Exquisite! Try it and then tell me. You’re going to love it. Super rich, low in calories and fat.
Fish fillet with steamed cabbage: Another recipe that will leave you more than satisfech @ and less than 200 calories per serving. Do not you stop trying it!

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