How to lose weight and keep it off

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12008831-weigt-lossKeys to lose weight and not get fat again

It is very important to achieve the goals that one arises in life. That is why, if you want to lose weight or you’ve lost and you’re afraid of giving in to temptation, it is important that you feel stronger than ever. This article Mentxu da Vinci will help you achieve it.

Today I offer not one but two of the tips that both my clients and myself have helped us in the process of losing weight and maintain a stable weight, forgetting about diets, calories, “this skirt I can not get” or ” this will fatten me. “

Strengthen the belief that YOU can get

Most of the time the enemy is not, the enemy is at home. Most of the time, gaining weight back that you autosaboteas. You may overeat because you do not know how to deal with situations that cause anxiety, out of sheer boredom, nerves, etc. The fact is that yourself, first you make a great effort to lose weight, and then the minor setback, dropping check again. Yourself fall, you autosaboteas. That’s why it’s so important to have clear and integrate the following belief: YOU CAN GET.

Make a card and place it in a visible place. And if they appear thoughts or beliefs that say otherwise, just watch them and search arguments to defend your new belief.

Such arguments can be:

Now I have the right strategy to achieve my goal.
My therapist facilitates the learning process me and motivates me.
I’ve got other goals in my life, and this also I’ll get it.
If others have done it, I can too.
Having a facilitator of the process

A facilitator is a specialized therapist who is with you throughout the process, giving their support so you do not feel alone or Flags-, with who is a specialist and will offer the tools and resources you need, teach you how to manage anxiety and other conflict situations that lead you to eat poorly or too much. You will learn how habits work and how you can modify them to improve your quality of life.

And obviously you can do for yourself, but with your specialist, as with any specialist in something that price, you get to lose weight and keep your healthy weight more easily and quickly.

I hope you have been useful article. If you like, you can try another of my authorship, as this call Take control what you eat to lose weight.

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