How to lose weight with the help of Apple Watch?

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The Apple Watch was designed to be the perfect complement to our daily routine and this includes our sport or physical activity. Its sensors allow you to measure every detail, providing real-time information that no other device can do with such precision.



Like any Apple product, third-party applications are fundamental to achieve our goals and have an optimal state of health.

Water Minder

This application records our water intake. It allows controlling our daily consumption of the liquid element according to our weight or objective. It shows us with statistical graphs our level of hydration. Basically, if we follow the indications of the application reminder our hydration will be according to the regulations of our general practitioner.

WaterMinder – hydration reminderFunn Media, LLCHealth & Fitness2.99 € Download



Free application to count the number of calories and our diet. The best application with barcode scanning of each food that we are about to ingest to count absolutely all foods between meals. Also, if we want to see a corroborable progress, we must download this application that for all its characteristics becomes essential.

MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter and StepsMyFitnessPal.comHealth and Fitness Free Download


MotionX 24/7

With patented technology, it is an application that takes the palms and with excellent criticism of the specialists. This app registers our dream, it even tells us every phase of the dream. According to many users the feeling of waking up renewed every morning is due to the application. Record our heartbeat, snoring and even our state of apnea. Because constant physical activity requires proper rest.

MotionX 24/7: Sleeptracker, Sleep Cycle Alarm, Snore, Apnea, Heart Rate Monitor, Weight Loss, Activity TrackerFullpower®Medicine0.99 € Download



This app focuses on our heart and above all is alert to any arrhythmia. The log is displayed in easy-to-understand graphs. And it tracks our exercise routine focused on burning body fat. The best application at the time of doing cardio or exercise very demanding.

This is just a sample of the great addition that our Apple Watch can be in our daily life. While the Apple clock has many detractors. The positive impact on people’s lives is what counts. The watch itself, has rings indicating movement and motivate us to be completed every day. Apple in turn awards prizes for goals achieved and motivates a healthier life.

Without a doubt, the best accessory to our physical activity and our motivation to be better every day. Not to mention the different functions that we provide in the sport that we perform.

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