How to lose weight with watermelon

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How to lose weight with watermelon

Want to know how you can help with weight loss watermelon? Then do not miss this article, where you will find many ways to use this great fruit.

Nutrition and detox Watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit that has a great capacity to eliminate fluid retained in the body, helping to detoxify it, debug it and you lose weight. Its use can be really varied, sitting in smoothies, juices or eating it normally like any other summer fruit.

41071106-sand-aThis delicious fruit contains only 30 calories per 100 grams provides, which are less than those that the body uses to digest and metabolize. Therefore it is considered as a food with negative calories. Besides its high water content gives satiety and food is a diuretic, detoxifies and cleanses. It also contains vitamins A, B and C, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus among others, being a very complete summer fruit and recommended for weight loss.

What are some ways you can prepare watermelon diet?

 Shakes: A good option is a smoothie with watermelon red tea. This mixture can be perfect for cooling and, incidentally, to enjoy the slimming properties that have these two ingredients. Ideal to activate the metabolism and also lose fluid.

 If you have diabetes and want to lose weight you can also opt for a smoothie watermelon and cantaloupe. It has all the properties of watermelon, is refreshing, satisfying and is also suitable for diabetics because they contain natural sugars, which is not harmful.

 Juices: Preparing a depurante juice diet can reach good results. It is a mixture of watermelon and celery, great for eliminating retained fluids, but also to cleanse the body through the fiber brings him.

 Another option to try the watermelon juice can be one with the pineapple company, both have similar properties and few calories.

 Jellied fruit: This option is original and can even make it to improve the eating habits of the whole family. One serving provides only 26.6 calories, but also vitamins, minerals and satiety.

 Watermelon Ice: Another fun option and does not seem part of a slimming diet is a light watermelon ice cream. It is a simple refreshing and delicious recipe with few ingredients, such as whole frozen.

 Melon diet: By its slimming, detoxifying and satisfying a diet based on fruit can be very effective. This diet should be done by just 5 days and you can lose between 3 and 4 kilos, mainly by purifying and detoxifying power of this fruit.

 In a fruit salad: The freshness and properties of watermelon can be combined with other fruits to create a perfect summer salad when it is better to let go of hot meals and incorporate more fresh and moisturizing recipes.

 Taking it one: Just take this cold summer fruit, eating alone without any problem. It’s very satisfying, refreshing, so high percentage of water will serve to appease the thirst and taste going great with high temperatures. Therefore, if you do not meet the other options, this may be yours. Watermelon can be part of a balanced diet diuretic for optimal results.

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