How to lose weight without dieting

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28198146-mujer-sentada-en-la-biblioteca-con-un-libro-y-cuaderno-atenci-n-selectivaThe method to help you lose weight

Do you think coaching methods can come to lend a hand when it comes to losing weight? Well, then you just have to read this interview to draw the necessary conclusions. Here, Barbara del Amo, a specialist in the subject, will have a bit more about it.

The term coaching is quite broad and can be applied to many facets of everyday life. Weight loss is a fact that can be driven through specialized coaching in this area, as in the case of Barbara del Amo

Coaching as a method to lose weight

How it is that you can lose weight without dieting?

He can lose weight without dieting because when we make a real and lasting change we have to change from within, we need to change our way of relating to this part of our life, in this case, with food. Diets, very often, reaffirm our status as “fat” because they lead us to allow us and control us instead of to free of repetitive and obsessive thoughts about food. To weigh different must think differently.

So instead of dedicating our enthusiasm, energy and dedication to force us to eat certain foods in certain proportions we do we are devote that effort to change our way of relating to food, learning to respect and recognize when we are hungry and when we are full .

‘What coaching can help when it comes to losing weight?

-The Coaching born of the need to improve ourselves, to overcome our limitations and, therefore, be happier. One of the principles of coaching is that in order to have something different and we have to be different over there between having and being is doing.

We work with the person and their environment because it is surely overeating to compensate for a lack of affection there or in his life. The same person who wants to lose weight will work, have children, partner, needs to make money, feel good, happy … Coaching works in the whole life of this person, although more has a reason and there is a reason (or several) why this person eat when not hungry.

– Specifically … What use coaching strategy to help people lose weight?

‘A few years devised a proprietary method for everyone, anyone, following the rules and guidelines could lose weight by listening to your body instead of your head is the one really knows how much you need to eat. No work eating person but with how you eat. My method is to break the pattern of thoughts and emotions that leads that person to overeat.

Is it important attitude when facing a weight loss plan?

-The Attitude is everything to achieve any change in life and not take life … From where we face the fact adelgazar..¿Desde sacrifice, effort, struggle, fear, apathy, despair? Or do we face from excitement, joy, optimism, surprise, patience, affection, self-esteem? The attitude is the guarantee of change. Rafa Nadal does not come out to play thinking that with a little luck you may get it this time, he takes to the track knowing and feeling you will win.

Get up every morning with the desire to use our day to change, to love each other, to test and exercise patterns with each meal, and when we got up in love wanting to be with your loved one all day and think of that person and how we will try and do we give you … Falling in love the change process, method, of us, of our change, our body, take care as we would our love. That’s the way to change weight quickly.

-You Can add whatever you think necessary …

I’d like to add that no one eats for being fat. We eat more because we are sabotaging our welfare. There are many more people who believe in the terrible and painful spiral of obsessive thoughts with food. The weight is not just a matter of aesthetics but of peace.

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