How to lose weight without losing bust?

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How to lose weight without reducing localized fat in this area

Losing weight without losing my bust

hello, I want to lose about 5kg and you could say I have a good q breasts but do not want to shrink or remain fallen. As I can do to lose the belly and thighs without changing my bust? Before you start a diet and exercise to lose weight evenly throughout the body I want to know if maybe applying creams or treatments devices I can only diminish the areas I want. I’m willing to do anything to not have to reach practicarme surgery to lift my breasts.

Posted by Juliet
Hello Juliet: the mechanism for reducing body fat using the body is described by physiological research for quite a long time. Therefore, losing weight without losing bust is unlikely, since it consists almost entirely of fabric adiposo.Icono of pinterestsostenes

The breast is made up of milk ducts, the mammary gland and fat. For that reason, lose weight without falling breasts is quite difficult precisely because the present into the breast adipose tissue volume gives them; Diet and exercise do reduce breast fat, so inevitably reduced.

In other words, if you decide to lose weight by exercising, the route will be reduced visceral fat area, followed by the chest, arms, back and abdomen first. Breast part chest therefore fat present inside them decrease and reduce the bust size.

The alternative is a medical treatment, liposuction is most effective because it allows you to model any part of your body as you wish, since it eliminates directly, through a mechanical action, adipose tissue. Anyway, it’s a very complex decision, as it is a surgery that carries risks.

In short, the area treated with liposuction, generally resistant to the reducing action of diet and exercise, the amount of fatty tissue. However, after surgery you have to keep taking care of yourself, because if you gain weight, the fat is distributed in other areas not operated, that volume can increase more than before.

Discounting surgery, there is no effective treatment to reduce localized fat that is highly successful

I hope I’ve helped.
A greeting.

Slimming exercises without reducing bra sizes

accumulating mass as part of the chest and waist so bust out more !!?

My name is Lucía López, I have 20 years, lately I increased my diet, I went down the calories consumed and my regime ejercico increased, everyone saw the change and said he really seemed thinner, (I got 55 kl to 52 kl, I measure 1.64) but unfortunately I got three bra sizes, which exercises help to firm and get more bust ?, how to make my body accumulate mass in the part of the chest and thighs not? and most important my sister and under development (15) years has not yet reached the second waist support as this is possible she is upset! she also must do !!? !! implement well as exercises that do not interfere with carvings bust! ??
thank you for taking this question in mind …
Sent by Lucia Lopez
Hi Lucia breasts are constituted by the mammary gland and adipose tissue mainly, ie fat. Therefore, when you adelgazas, it is logical to decrease breast size.

So widespread it is the high-level sports athletes exceptions, have little bust, the result of excessive training and diet that makes them lower body fat percentages for more performance.

Therefore, exercise can not increase the breast, because these grow when they have more fat, connective and glandular tissue, and physical activity is what develops muscle.

Below the bust is a pectoral muscle called, who exercise it and develop it can give an appearance of greater thoracic perimeter and volume, but anyway, breast size remains the same.

Also, when adelgazas, you do it evenly and uniformly, and physical activity helps burn extra calories, so does not mean that doing certain specific exercise, will increase or diminish fat percentages.

What you can try is to do strength exercises with very light weight and high repetitions, thus decreasing muscle volume, and therefore the basal metabolism. So, you burn fat at a slower pace, and can better regulate the weight loss to be shaping your body.

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