How to speed up metabolism to burn more calories and lose weight fast

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10630127-manzana-fresca-y-fr-a-jugo-contra-el-fondo-blancoTips and advice to increase metabolism and lose weight

To lose weight, you have to increase your metabolism so you can burn more energy in the form of calories, which are generally obtained from the fat stores of the body.

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day
To lose weight, you have to increase your metabolism so you can burn more energy in the form of calories, which are generally obtained from the fat stores of the body.

If you wonder how to speed up your metabolism to burn more calories, you will find some tips to increase metabolism and lose weight. One way to stay slim is to have a high metabolism that allows burn lots of calories permanent, and therefore not accumulate fat and eliminate excess. There are a number of measures to increase the daily caloric expenditure, with which you can learn how to speed up metabolism to lose weight.

Metabolism is constituted by a series of chemical reactions, which makes the body to regulate its internal operation. Accelerating, you can turn your body into a more efficient system, allowing you to burn faster and in greater amounts fat.

Come 5 times daily

It is better to eat several small portions instead of two or three very much. The goal is to eat something every three hours to keep your metabolism active, so you have healthy snacks hand to fall back between meals.

Sunflower seeds are a good choice, because they are satisfying, provide good fats and are antioxidants. Of course, you should eat them in perspective, since they are not low calorie. In the following video you can see how eating sunflower seeds and what are its main properties.

Perform aerobic exercise and strength

Exercise at least half an hour a day. After finishing the exercise your metabolism is higher.

Try to combine aerobic and strength exercises to burn calories while avoiding sagging. Strength exercises cause increased basal metabolism; that is, they help you to follow slimming when you’re at rest. In addition to exercise large muscle groups such as the back, legs, buttocks and chest, try to place at least twice a week aerobic work at least 30 minutes at an intensity of 70% of maximum oxygen consumption.

Avoid restrictive diets and increased protein consumption

The body reacts by decreasing metabolism as a defense to the small amount of food that is available response. That’s why it’s important to eat every three hours and also take a diet rich in protein.

It is estimated that 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight is a reasonable measure. If it costs you consume that amount at meals, you can take advantage of the extra intake of protein shakes. In this video you can see how to make a homemade smoothie with just 165 calories.

It incorporates nutrient-rich foods and avoid empty calories

Should Run foods high in carbohydrates, such as sugar and flour, as both are addictive and collaborate on the accumulation of fat reserves. The intake of trace elements and vitamins in food causes the body to use in their metabolic reactions.

Eat unsaturated fats like olive oil, collaborating in the beauty of the skin and in maintaining muscle mass and eating at least five portions of vegetables a day.

It is called the thermogenic effect NEAT activity not associated with Physical Exercise (NEAT, for its acronym in English). If you do not exercise, your metabolism increases to be more dynamic in your daily tasks. Thus, there remains 50% more of your time standing up the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.


This is essential, even if you’re not on a diet to lose weight. Water helps your body eliminate toxins and also prevents fluid retention that makes’re more bloated.

If you find it difficult to drink this water, in this video you can find some tips to help you.

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