I want to lose 7 kilos more

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Some healthy options for removing kilos

Seven kilos can be a complicated weight loss amount, but it is an impossible figure. It’s just what many people are more and there are many ways to lose that excess carrying out some specific actions. Do not miss this note!

If you want to lose about 7 kilos, you have several options at your fingertips. Some are slower, some faster. But the idea is to give alternatives that are well considered and now you can help take off those kilos more that both are bothering you. Do not go to waste these options.

Mediterranean diet

12008834-un-regalo-para-tiA diet that meets these rules is the Mediterranean diet containing fruits, vegetables, low-fat meats, cereals and whole grains, legumes, among other foods.

On this diet you can not include foods rich in white flour, sugar and fat, such as: kneading pastry, cakes, pastries, snacks, sweets in general, etc. Just you find natural foods. A need to have in mind is that the diet should be orderly, that is to abide by the 6 meals a day and that the amounts are respected. Portions should be small or medium-sized.

Keep in mind that if you feel hungry you use low-calorie foods such as calorie jellies, vegetables, fruits, boiled egg, a handful of dried fruit and low-fat cheeses. Besides consuming 2 liters of water per day it is suggested. This not only cleanses the body, but also provides satiety.

Raw vegan diet

One option rather than drinking, it helps you to eliminate flour, fatty meats and any harmful element to your diet. Eat many sprouts, raw vegetables of all kinds, many salads, smoothies, seeds, nuts. All raw, cooked anything above 42 °, as well as foods lose their nutrients.

The basis of the diet, as its name implies, is vegan. Therefore, they can not include meat, dairy, eggs or any animal-derived. Not only it will help you lose weight and give you an extra dose of vitality, but bear your body of nutrients and eliminate toxins accumulated lots of it. An interesting option, you can get to balance it by 70% raw foods and cooked the rest.

Low Carb Diet

Carry out a low-carb diet is one of the best ways to lose weight fast. Forget flour, sugar, pastries, pasta and all that kind of stuff. Just you eat processed meats, vegetables, not too sweet fruit and will achieve excellent results in no time.


It’s great to lose weight quickly, but you should be careful when carbohydrate reinstate your diet, do it gradually and without excess to avoid the rebound effect.

While some studies find that exercise is perhaps not as important as diet when losing weight, no less critical if you want good results on a diet of any kind. Put your body in motion and you will have an incomparable plus.

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