If you get distracted while you eat, you eat more calories

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37367836- watching tvBe aware of what you eat helps you eat less

If you get distracted while you eat, you eat more calories. While it was already known that this habit encouraged overweight, a review of different studies can rethink about the importance of being aware of what you eat, and how it allows you to eat less.

The fast life and new technologies allow’re more connected to the television, computers and video games. While this may be positive in several respects, it can also be harmful, especially when it is related to being overweight.

A review of 24 studies conducted between 1997 and 2011, highlights the impact they have distractions on body weight. According to this review, who eat watching TV, at the computer or in front of video games, increase food intake up to 50%, increasing the incorporation of calories.

In this research the eating habits organized into two categories. In the first category it included people who ate at consciously and paying attention to the food they ate, as well as quantity. Within the second category it was included those who ate distracting their attention.

The results of this research show differences between the two groups, the group eating quiet and paying attention to food, those who ate fewer calories.

It is important to clarify that these findings would apply only to people with normal weight. While this is a good start to try to change eating habits, more research in order to apply these results in patients who have lost weight and do not want to retrieve needed.

Moreover, these studies are very important because, although both children and adults are distracted at the time of the meal, children and adolescents are the most vulnerable group. Even they reduce hours of physical activity by being at the computer, television or video games.

Remember that, when eating must be “present” not only your body but also your mind; paying attention to the quantity and quality of food you eat.

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