Infusion of green tea and chamomile to lose weight

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Like green tea, chamomile and anis can help you lose weight

Both green tea such as chamomile, each for their reasons, they may be fine for deshincharte. Just prepare a tea in which both combine other ingredients that can also bring his own, as in the case of anise. You will see how easy it is to prepare this remedy, which will give a hand to be lighter and can offer interesting results. Simply follow the recipe.

Tisanes or infusions can become an interesting diet helps in weight loss. You must take them often, you must be consistent and must, above all, prepare them with items you used to go to lose weight or at least having good properties for this purpose.

Green tea is certainly one of the most sought after diet.
Chamomile helps with itself, since it is digestive great.
Anise is perfect to deflate.
Therefore, here you will have a good combination of the three herbs, in which you’ll find a variety of benefits, but unified.


A liter of water
Two tablespoons of green tea
One tablespoon of chamomile
One tablespoon of anise

To make this tea to lose weight, you just have to put a liter of boiling water with chamomile, green tea and anise.
Once passed five minutes of boiling, the fire goes out.
That will be the moment where you will incorporate green tea. Let stand five minutes and strain preparation.

Now you will not have more than sweeten this tea (if desired) and divide it into multiple daily doses.
A fasting can do very well, leaving one for the afternoon and before going to sleep, but always taking into account that is at least one hour before or after meals, because that green tea may hinder absorption iron. So you will enjoy for metabolic besides weight loss diuretic and digestive benefits, among other things properties.

What gives you this tea?

Green tea, first, is considered a great agent thermogenesis. That is, a metabolic accelerator that helps you burn fat. It is also diuretic and antioxidant. Therefore, it is often considered one of the best natural allies that you can use to lose weight.

Chamomile is great as a digestive. Reduces inflammation of your stomach, it helps to have serene digestion and also good for calming anxiety. Therefore, you can switch this tea with other recipes with chamomile tea.

Anise is a great carminative. If you often have gas or are prone to swelling, consumption can help you without any problem. It is also good diuretic. Another recipe with anise that is that you can serve tea cinnamon anise.

And you … Do you use often slimming teas? What is your favorite herb or plant? You just have to tell it in the comments.

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