Intermittent fasting, under the scrutiny of science

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A method to lose weight fairly questioned

Have you ever heard of intermittent fasting? Because it is targeting techniques not eat for a few days a week, or significantly reduce food intake. There are many versions that exist of this practice, but … They work well? Read this article and find out what science has to say.

Some issues for
Very difficult to establish its evidence
Stick around for the blog of Luis “Sentinel” Jimenez called What science says diet is always a good measure. With its scientistic desire, Luis has now put in relevance an issue that is worth mentioning, it is very fashionable: intermittent fasting.

Surely you have more than once heard of this practice. Is there anything good in it? Can you appreciate authentic benefits? Science has this thing, and know in this note.

Some issues for

Sentinel, in his blog, made a tour through all relevant scientific studies found on the subject. And there he found some points of intermittent fasting showed some favorable evidence under certain conditions, as they could be obese or smokers.

However, the head of one of these studies collected, handled noted that there are no significant scientific evidence made a human level of the benefits it could deliver this practice in people.

Very difficult to establish its evidence

It’s really difficult to establish all the methods of intermittent fasting there, what is good, what is bad or what’s a little of both. For it is we’re talking about something that has really different meanings: one incorporating liquids, other than put a few days, others are based on vegetables and also compressing all power from day 8 hours. And surely many more who they will be appearing gradually.

For this reason, and he is seen and considering that science is encouraged to determine whether they are good or not, ideally, try the method you think is wiser or with which you are most comfortable. It’s a matter of reviewing all payroll there. Or, obeceder to your body and eat the right foods when you’re hungry. At the end of the day, in the wise decisions one can always trust.

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