Lei gong teng, a Chinese herb that will be the next miracle diet

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4159880-un-apuesto-hombre-que-muestra-la-cantidad-de-peso-que-perdiAn herb with much leptin, good weight losing weight

Have you heard any of lei gong teng? It is a Chinese herb with enormous potential to aid in weight loss due to its content of leptin. Read the note and learn more about it.

Lei gong teng, also known as the Thunder God Vine (English Thunder god vine) is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine over 2000 years. Its scientific name is Tripterygium wilfordii, is native to eastern Asia and there are several research that studied as a possible treatment, including disorders such as hepatitis, arthritis, cancer and obesity.

A study in rodents showed that the use of the extract orally may reduce food intake and cause a decrease of up to 45% in obese mice.

A food full of leptin

The chemical compound responsible for these properties is celastrol, a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Celastrol improves the action of a hormone called leptin, which acts as superior appetite. Leptin, also known as the “hunger hormone” send messages from the hypothalamus adipose tissue, blocking the neurotransmitters that trigger appetite.

The journal Cell was who gave publicity to this study, conducted at Children’s Hospital Boston for graduate and professional students of Harvard University, United States.

Knowing that celastrol improves the sensitivity of human leptin, scientists administered for one week this compound in obese mice who fell by 80% food consumption compared to those that were untreated with this compound.

Thus, an interesting door to future to treat obesity hand leptin lei gong teng has opened. Of course, the main obstacle of this study was found in rodents, which can be good, but by no means conclusive that will work effectively in humans. Anyway, as I said, it is a matter of waiting to see how it turns people to venture on any other hypothesis, while being excellent news.

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