List of negative calorie foods

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17998816-esp-rragos-aislado-en-un-fondo-blancoTable of food to speed up metabolism in slimming diets

At your fingertips you have a list of negative calorie foods that generate what is known as negative calorie effect.

From this list, you have compiled a list of foods for weight loss diets that can help you design your own diet based on this special property of some foods.

What is negative calorie effect?

The negative calorie effect refers to existing foods containing fat burning too few calories in relation to how much you eat. This means that, in trying to digest and metabolize, in the end your body uses more calories consumed with food.

In other words, the end count of calories consumed plus losses metabolize these food calories, it gives negative result. In short, you spend more calories than you consumed. The more you eat these foods, more adelgazas.

Table food for slimming diets
Fruits Calories
100 grams Vegetables
Fruits Calories
100 grams
134 20 Garlic Chicory
Celery, broccoli or broccoli 17 32
38 33 Onion Pumpkin
Cauliflower Endive or escarole 27 20
Asparagus Spinach 17 26
Lettuce Fennel 28 13
Bell pepper or cucumber 22 16
Beet and carrot beet 43 42
Blueberries squash or zucchini 17 48
Apple Melon 59 36
Pineapple pineapple or grapefruit 50 33
Watermelon 31

When you eat any food from this list of negative calorie foods, you must calculate that about your metabolism spends about twice the calories provided.

For example, if you eat 100 grams of asparagus (17 calories), your body will spend 30 calories to metabolize therefore have lost 13 calories. Instead of adding, subtraction. So it is with every food that integrates this table.

How to incorporate these foods in the diet to lose weight?

While these fat burning foods help you lose weight, the ideal is to not limit your diet menu these negative calorie foods. You must maintain a balanced diet to ensure that you are losing weight the healthy way.

Integra these foods to a low calorie diet. For the diet is balanced and yet you could exploit the benefit of negative calories, a quarter of the diet should consist of these foods.

Take advantage of this table negative calorie food for weight loss diets and lose weight eating.

If in doubt, consult your doctor.

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