Mask for flaccid arms

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10364430-b-ceps-fuerte-sobre-un-fondo-rojoTonic honey and egg white recipe

Flaccidness in the arms is quite common in overweight people. But it can also become a constant nuisance in those who have managed to lose weight, but have remained the unsightly “flaps.” This is why, in addition to exercises to tone the area, you can use some homemade mask to help the skin strengthen. You can try this homemade recipe, very simple and that may help you.


An egg white
An aloe vera stem
A spoonful of honey
A piece of melon

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Mix honey in a bowl with melon and beat until melted. Then add the pulp of the stem of aloe vera and the egg white, without needing to beat, simply stirring well, question of the ingredients of the mask. So, you’ll already have the first part of this trick ready.

Now apply to the areas of your arms that are affected by sagging. Let the mask work for 20 minutes and then remove with cold water. Apply at least a couple of times a week. Of course, it complements with massages and toning exercises for arms.

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